Mini-Challenge: Paper, Paper, Paper


7/29/2013        Mini-Challenge: Paper, Paper, Paper!

The trick to dealing with your paper pile up is to do something with that piece NOW. Don’t put it on the counter and say “I’ll do it later” the pile will grow until you just want to toss it all. Fun Fact: If you have a four drawer filing cabinet, it can hold 18,000 pages when full ( To Do Today: Think about how you would like to organize your paper. What would make it easier for you? Tip: An excellent way to decrease the amount of paper in your home is to sign up for online bill pay and email statements. Let the companies handle the statements so you can free up the space. Even if you opt for paper statements, call the company and ask if the statements are available for your review on-line. This tip will even save you money (don’t we all like that?) because now you don’t have to put a stamp on the payment.

7/30/2013    Mini-Challenge: Paper, Paper, Paper    Organizing Your Important Documents

No more guessing! We’ll tell you which documents to keep and which to toss, plus you’ll discover how to organize your important papers.
7/31/2013 Mini-Challenge: Paper, Paper, Paper
Stop Getting that Unwanted Paper in Your Mailbox
1. Register with the I did! It took about a minute!
2. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) you have the right to Opt-Out of pre-screen and pre-approved offers for credit or insurance directly with the Consumer Reporting Companies, Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion. Visit for instructions on how to request that your name be excluded from these kinds of offers.
3. Send an e-mail to Abacus, Inc. at to stop catalogs from coming to your home . Write or e-mail the specific company if you want to stop an individual catalog from being mailed to you.
4. Request a privacy designation on your name every time you order something over the phone, over the Internet, through the mail, whenever you subscribe to a magazine or become a member of a group. Request the same designation when you deal with banks, mortgage companies, insurance agencies, phone or cable companies, frequent flier programs and mail order companies you do business with.
4. Do not send in product warranty cards. These cards are often filled with questions about personal preferences and are used for mailing lists. Keep the receipt and a product will remain under warranty for the designated time.
5. Complete the U.S. Post Office form 1500 to stop offensive, sexually orientated mail.
6. If you don’t want to go online to the Direct Marketing Association, ask to remove your name from its lists by sending a written request to: Mail Preference Service Direct Marketing Association P.O. Box 643 Carmel, NY 10512
8/1/2013          Mini-Challenge: Paper, Paper, Paper

Did you know that 80% of the stuff we file we never look at again? ( We all know that the first step is hardest, even with your paper! Here is a start: 1. Set a timer for 10 minutes and stay focused until the timer goes off. Take a break and repeat. 2. Grab a friend and you hold each other accountable for getting your papers organized. 3. Throw it all away and start fresh. Just kidding (don’t we wish!) But some professional organizers say that you can reduce a four drawer file cabinet to 6 inches!

8/2/2013 Mini-Challenge: Paper, Paper, Paper

23% of adults say they pay their bills late, and get late fees because they simply lose the bill. (
Multiple Ways to File Paper

Files not piles! No matter your preference, there are a multitude of ways to file your documents that can work for you. It can be as simple as using in and out boxes or hanging bins on the wall – here are some of my favorite recommendations:

– Traditional File Drawers: Great for when you want to file quickly and retrieve easily.
– Accordion Files: This is best for treating papers like files and it’s also portable. Hint: Use this to file monthly receipts.
– Wall Sorters: Use this to contain mail and sort many files at once. Hint: Use one that can be easily removed when its time to pay bills.
– Paper Trays: Besides acting as the obvious Inbox/Outbox, adopt this for sorting printer paper and holding filing supplies.
– Vertical Sorters: Keeps active files at eye level. Also works well for sorting mail. Very versatile.
– Magazine Files: Great for holding magazines and project files that are still “works in progress”.
– Binders: Best for storing information you use regularly and flip through quickly. Hint: Great for recipes when using clear protective sleeves.
(Thank you, Innovatively Organized)

8/3/2013 Mini-Challenge: Paper, Paper, Paper

Last Day, Ladies! Here is a Clutter Flow Chart from pinfographics.

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