Reverence… Fear

Show me your waysI will be completely honest, when God gave me the word “reverence” I actually had to look up its meaning.  Shake your head at me, I know, I did too.

I thought I had reverence for the Lord. I have awe, I have respect and I have great love.

Obviously, I don’t have enough reverence or God wouldn’t have put it in my heart.

Reverence is to fear the Lord.  

I don’t have a great fear.  I’ve been forgetting God’s righteous anger.  I have been forgetting His punishments.  I have not been fearing God in a way that I should.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this.  I’ve seen the blessings God bestows more than I’ve seen His wrath, so the goodness stays in my mind more so. Yet, God has, in recent months led me in a new direction… I’m seeing His wrath, His anger.  Yet, I was not equating that with me.

Reverence is an awareness that you are in presence of a holy, just, and almighty God.

I have a confession to make…sometimes I forget just who God is.  Do you?  I forget who I’m speaking to… treating the Almighty as a friend rather than who He is… the Most Holy, the Creator of all things.  I forget to look around me, to stand in awe of everything He has made, He has allowed… everything is His.

I haven’t shown reverence for God because, in some ways, I’m still trying to control my own life.  I still am selfish and want things my way.  How can I have  reverence for God, when I’m trying to control everything?  I can’t!  So reverence has a decision to make with it, a serious decision, who am I going to live for…all the way… no half-ways … God or me?

As a Christian, God has called me (all Christians) to learn reverence for Him.  Learning reverence for God Him requires a relationship with Him, to come to know His Greatness, His Holiness, His Ways.  God wants to teach us reverence for Him, so we learn to seek Him deeper and to remain in His presence everyday, every moment.

Reverence for God is the deep desire to live within His righteous standards, not the standards I set for myself.  My standards have no bearing anymore, it must be all His will, not mine.

Reverence for God is to honor Him in all that I do.  Not just the big things but the little things as too.  Everything I do must bring glory for Him.  From witnessing for Him to cleaning the toilet… everything is done in honor of God.

My heart cries out as David’s did: 

“Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth; unit my heart to fear thy name.”  Psalm 86:11 ESV


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