Fruit of the Spirit – Faith


Faith means: 1. adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, cause, or idea; loyal. 2. worthy or trust or belief; reliable. 3. consistent with truth or actuality; a faithful reproduction of the portrait.

Faith is more than just believing.  Faith is trusting with our lives to what we believe.  Faith in God says that we are willing adhere to the His Word for living because we believe He knows what’s best for us.   Faith in God means we are to act consistently in our faith.  Faith in God is surrendering our will for His will for us.   Faith in God means we are willing to endure ridicule and persecution for our faith in Him because we are sure that the Christian life is what’s best for us eternally.

Wow, God sure is asking much from us, isn’t He?  Why should we have faith in Him?

God created everything.  God knows about everything.  God  knew the end before the beginning, before He even began to create. God never changes. God keeps His promises.  God, by His Word, give us a solid foundation to build our lives on.  God’s standards of right and wrong does not change. God is present in all the places at all times.

If God was NOT all these things, we wouldn’t have a reason to faith in Him.

But real faith is still more than that… it’s not just knowing, it’s accepting it as true for You.  Our faith is only as good as in where you place it. We need to make sure our faith is in something that does what it promises to do.  No matter how much trust you have in others, your church, etc., they maybe able to help you in the here and now but they can’t help you afterward.  The only one who can help you is God Himself.  He proved He has the power to give us eternal life because He sent His son to pay for our sins, who conquered death.

God did what He promised He would do when He sent Jesus to pay for our sins.  God can will do what he promised He would do for you ~ give you eternal life if you would only just believe.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 18 ESV “At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, …”  that faith is a responsibility.

Faith is not about innocence, but dependence.  Children are dependent upon others with faith that others will care for them and their needs.  That is how we have to have trust and faith in our Jesus.  As Jesus tells us to come to Him as a child, He asks us to be good children.  A good child accepts their responsibility to learn and grow.  As a child of God we must express humbleness and trust so we can grow in our faith.

As we grow in our faith, we should be evaluating ourselves by His standards, not the worlds.  Childlike faith helps us to see who we are in Christ.  We must always humble ourselves, we cannot come to the Lord if we don’t; we will never admit our need, surrender to Him or grow.

Faith is the what we do and what we bring to everything we do in our Christian life.  Faith means trusting, being humble and not forcing our wills on others.  Are we good examples to others, pointing the Way? Or are we causing others to stumble?

Faith is exactly what it takes to get through uncertainty.  Faith is not necessary when you know how things are going to work out, – that’s knowledge.  It’s in the time of unknowing that having faith is what sees you through to the other side.  Faith is what gives you strength.

Faith is that light in your heart that keeps on shining even when it’s all darkness outside. Now is the time to keep that faith alive!

Faith in Christ is not faith, until He’s all you’re holding onto.

Christ is able to hold you forever and never let you go all the way through eternity.

It’s not the strength of our faith that matters but the strength of what we put our faith in.

Do you have faith in Jesus to hold you up forever?

 FORSAKING       ALL     I   TAKE    HIM


your love never fails


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