Back to Basics – Homemaking Day 2


 “She looketh well to the ways of her husband, and eateth not the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:27

As women seeking to follow Jesus, we must start to think our homes as our gardens.  With our hands we either build up or tear down our homes.  We have been given to our husbands as helpmates.  We serve a God of order.  When we organize and care for our homes, we are bearing His image.

In cheerfully seeking to keep our homes for God’s glory, we are doing great work.   We are keeping HIS house.  Let’s do it excellently and with cheerfulness.

In cleaning our homes there are three things we should strive for in all our tasks… excellence, efficiency and enjoyment.

EXCELLENCE. is when we do our daily tasks unto the Lord.  Seek to go the extra mile when doing our tasks.

EFFICIENCY. We need to seek more efficient ways of doing things.  We can’t let ourselves waste away valuable time.

ENJOYMENT.  If doing our tasks do we have a grumbling spirit, then it’s not really unto Him.  Sing, praise him, and pray while you work.  It will make it much more pleasant.

As our sweet, friend at New Things Springing Forth has posted, “What a sweet reminder to do our work joyfully, as unto the Lord. “”Bees hum while they work. They don’t whine.” You were designed with a gift to do something… Like the bees.”

Reflections for Today:

1. What areas in particular with your housekeeping can you begin to shift your focus from “chores” to “kingdom building”?

2. How can your family tend your garden to the glory of God?

3. Memorize a verse that could encourage you in your daily tasks.

4. What area in your home can you specifically focus on doing things with more excellency, efficiency and enjoyment?

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