I will…

off the moutnain

Since God has taken me off the mountain, telling me I’m not longer a child, I find it more difficult to express my thoughts and feelings.  It’s back to the real world of everyday things.

While I was on the mountain, the ideas came from every angle… a song, a post, a thought, a Bible verse.  The words coming from my fingers so quickly from my heart to the page.

I feel as if this valley is a testing place for me. A place God has put me to see if I can continue to follow His word and His ways.  But how do you come off the mountain back into the normal ho-hum life you have and not feel a sense of being let down?

When God took me off the mountain things changed,  I didn’t feel Him in quite the same way, my emotions calmed down.

In a way this was a good thing.  There were many times when I was on the mountain I had to ask Him to slow down.  There was just too much coming at me all at once; thoughts, feelings, changes. God answered my prayers and He would pull back just a little, giving me some space to absorb and contemplate everything.

Now that I don’t feel Him in quite the same way, there are times I long for those highs.  Elijah had a similar experience. 1 Kings 18 describes the amazing display of God’s  power and victory over false gods.  Elijah is ecstatic. He taunted the priests of these false gods on the confidence that his God would show up in a powerful way. And God did. It was an experience like non-other.  Fear, depression, and doubt enter in. So Elijah seeks God. He expects the mountain experience. He looks for God in the spectacular.  Spectacular is not the norm.

But where does Elijah find God? In the quiet whisper.

God does still show up in powerful, emotional ways, the key is to find Him and enjoy Him in the quiet.  Life is normal. It’s filled with normal fears, normal anxieties, normal questions, normal tasks of life.  I’m learning to enjoy and trust God, both up on the mountain and in the valley; during the spectacular and the quiet.

I’ve come to realize this valley is a fork in the road, where many believers lose their walk.  A place where they turn away.  The world begins to invade with the spectacular. This  is a time to make the critical choice in who and what you will follow.

I will remember my experience on the mountain.  I will continue to live my life in faith, practicing faithful obedience to Him.  I will remember God has changed me.  I will continue find my strength and sustenance from God.  I will remember the truths God has spoken to me. I will continually meditate on His word day and night. I’ve will continue to spend time before in praise, worship and prayer.  I will continue to speak what I think and believe.   I will follow  His ways in faithful obedience.   I will not turn away, struggling until the next mountain high.

Will you allow the world to come back in, pushing God to the side?  Will you begin to doubt the feelings and thoughts you had while you were on the highest points with Him?



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