Back to Basics Ourselves Day 5





For some of us, an active lifestyle is easy but for the rest of us it required genuine effort and intention to make it happen.

Staying physically active (not just getting up from the computer to get something to eat) has many benefits.  How good are you at making a consistent part of your daily routine.

Here’s some motivation:

  • It increases your overall sense of well-being.
  • It gives you more energy.
  • It helps you sleep more soundly.
  • It helps keep your weight in check.
  • It reduces physical aches and pains
  • It produces long-term benefits; improved circulation, heart health, reduced risk of serious illness, builds strong bones, etc.

Here are some ideas for getting your exercise in a more natural way:

  • Family walks- whether it’s just around your neighborhood, at a local park, taking a hike in the summer, or anything else that you enjoy.
  • Playing sports or games outdoors with your children (soccer, basketball, etc.)
  • Bike rides.
  • Swimming.
  • Gardening. Hoeing? Tilling? Raking? It all counts, for building muscle and getting your heart pumping.
  • Power cleaning.

When we look at fitness in these every day ways we start to see how we can fit it into our schedules.

Questions for Reflection:

 1.  When is the best time for you to exercise?

2.  In what ways are you going to incorporate fitness into your daily routine?

3.  How do you think that adding fitness to your schedule will help you in the long run?

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