Mini-Challenge – Calm Your Closet – Day 4

Deal immediately with the other piles.

Take the maybe pile (I hope you kept this pile small) and put it into a box or two. Label it maybe, with today’s date. Store it somewhere out of sight, and don’t open it for 6 months. Toss the stuff in 6 months. Take the toss pile, and put it into boxes — stuff you’ll donate to charity, stuff you’re going to give to friends, maybe other stuff you’ll sell in a yard sale or on eBay. Throw the actual trash away, or recycle.  It’s best to get rid of that pile of give away straight away, you don’t want to keep it any longer than necessary.  If the items are in good condition:  Ebay…  I am not an Ebay expert, but hear how great some people do with Ebay selling.  Then, you can also call a charity that does pick up, they often come when you call within a few days.  I would suggest you keep these give away charity items – don’t keep in your closet, put somewhere where you won’t have to worry about the temptation, to unload it and keep – then you end of repeating the cycle.

Outstanding progress and job well done!

Created for the Gift of the Home by Leanne Glezen Bell.  Thank you, Leanne!

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