Mini-Challenge – Calm Your Closet – Day 3

Clean, then put the keep pile back, organized.

OK,everything sorted? Clean out the closet nice.  Wipe it down, vacuum, mop.  Dust down the racks, this is your closet and you want to make it feel and smell nice.     Put the keep pile back in the closet (unless the stuff belongs elsewhere). Put it back neatly, organized. This doesn’t have to take long. Leave spaces between things if you can.  I have a t-shirt section, sweaters, jeans, etc.  I try to limit my hanging section:  40 max of items to hang up.  I only hang things that will wrinkle easily, dresses, you know what I mean.

Created for the Gift of the Home by Leanne Glezen Bell.  Thank you, Leanne!

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