Back to Basics – Ourselves Day 2

images (18) OUR BODIES

The human body is a masterful creation, made by a masterful Creator.  The body has very real needs in order to function as it was designed.  The body also possesses an incredible ability to heal itself.  We should be in awe of God who made us so intricately and made a world that is capable of nurturing us in health and wholeness.  Most of us don’t experience that… we are tired, sick, achy, and uncomfortable.

It’s our responsibility to care for our bodies; it’s the temple of the Holy Spirit.  There is a biblical case for being concerned about health and how “naturally” we live:

* The Leviticus laws are full of suggestions intended to preserve the health of God’s chosen people, from dietary restrictions to sanitation measures that prevented disease. God’s laws were given to His children in kindness, to keep them from the diseases that were frequently known by the other nations around them. (Leviticus 11, 13, 14:33-57, Exodus 15:26)

*God’s blessings of abundance for His people were frequently referred to in the context of wholesome foods and fruitful harvests (lands flowing with milk and honey, barns full of cattle and oxen, fruitful harvests). (Exodus 3:17, Deut. 6:3, Deut. 30:9, Lev 2:4-6)

* Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and they are not our own, but we are to glorify God with them. (1 Cor. 6)

*We are to do all- eating, drinking, everything to the glory of God. (1 Cor. 10:31)

The way we care for ourselves is another opportunity to bring glory to Him and manage the blessings He has abundantly given us.  We shouldn’t be pursuing better health out of fear but for the love of God and thankfulness for what He has graciously given us.

The heart of it all is stewardship.  Stewardship is the conducting, supervising or managing of something especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted into one’s care. (Merriam-Webster dictionary) So, even though we have been graciously given this earth and our bodies to live in and have dominion over, it’s not ours. It’s His.

Stewardship should be a huge concern for a Christian, particularly for the mother, wife, and homemaker.  The choices we make daily from the foods we serve, the things we buy, and even the soap we use ALL have an impact on our health.

When we make our health and our families’ health a priority we are conscientiously honoring God.  Yet there are benefits to us:

It will lead to a general sense of physical and emotional wellness.

  • It helps us to function more efficiently. We can wake up ready to go, have less aches, pains and illnesses, have more energy to be productive and get through our days with joy.
  • It will stabilize our moods, our demeanor and calm our emotions.
  • Opens our brains to think more clearly, learn more readily.
  • Frees us to serve wholeheartedly and energetically and do the things that God calls us to do.

This isn’t rocket science.  The major goal is to bring the heart back to a place of simplicity in God.  God isn’t asking you to do the impossible, He only asks us to be faithful.

There are 2 basic things to focus on for better health…

1. Put good stuff in

2. Keep the bad stuff out. 

Questions for Reflection:

1. What bad stuff do you need to keep out?

2. Have you made a plan to stop anything that could keep you from being all that God created you to be?

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