Mini- Challenge – Calm Your Closet -Day 1

Let the Closet Calming Games Begin!

 Set aside some time, and get some boxes/bags.

You might need a couple of hours. Or a few, if your closet is huge. Set aside an evening, if you have time in the evenings, or part of day if need be. Get boxes/bags ready. You might need half a dozen or more, depending on how much junk you think you have. Also think how ruthless you want to be with the things in your closet. Think what you want to achieve, baby steps – do you want to de-clutter or organize or both? After you have your boxes/bags. Step back and analyze… Please, don’t think too much about things at this point. You will get overwhelmed. You are going to be categorizing tomorrow. Keep, Maybe and Give Away. Scan your closet for these categories. Tomorrow is a big day…. so gather those boxes and bags and let the real purge happen tomorrow.

Created for the Gift of the Home by Leanne Glezen Bell.  Thank you, Leanne!

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