Mini-Challenge Once a Week/Month Cooking / Freezer Cooking Day #4

Step #1 Get all your supplies out that you need, bowls, food processors, spices, etc.

Step #2 Wash and chop all the vegetables that you are using.

Step #3 Start cooking!  If you are planning on cooking then reheating this is the time to do so.

Step #3 If you are planning on using the slow-cooker, now’s the time to put together the meals for it.

Step#4  Hints.  If you are using freezer bags, be sure to press as much air as possible out of the bag and cool before freezing.  Do not use foil or plastic wrap until the food has cooled down.  Label each package with what it is, how to cook it (heat up or slow-cooker, etc. and the date it was made. Frozen cooked meat, poultry in sauces, sauces and soups will keep 5-6 months.  Freeze as flat and thin as you can to make stacking in the freezer easier.

Ta da… feel efficient!


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