Mini-Challenge Prepare a Weeks/Months Worth of Meals in 1 Day – Day 2

Step # 1 Gather those grocery store flyers or check your grocery stores website to see what’s on sale.  The purpose of making these meals is to save time and money, but seeing what’s on sale you can plan your meals accordingly.

Step # 2 Now’s the time to plan those meals.  Make sure to include every item you will need to cook these marvelous meals.  Make your grocery list.

Here are some places to start:



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3 thoughts on “Mini-Challenge Prepare a Weeks/Months Worth of Meals in 1 Day – Day 2

  1. I did this when my kids were all at home. Now that they are gone, things are so different…well, them all being gone and me only having a dorm sized fridge with a teensy freezer that frosts closed too quickly, lol. We are in the process of adjusting our eating habits.

    I love to cook, and I’ve always cooked for a crowd. I love to cook once to serve twice, package it up for the freezer and it’s a ready meal for a busy day. It will also shave a ton off your grocery budget.

    • I have this dream of living in a real community, where gifts are realized and utilized…I would be in an completely equipped kitchen, cooking for a crowd, and my sister who loves to clean and organize would follow me around cleaning up so that after we eat, another gifted sister or two could clean up while we are catching up on our social media 🙂

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