Office Space Challenge Week 3

 Clear Out the Cobwebs

Lord, Luke says “and when it comes, it finds the house swept and put in order.” (Luke 11:25)  I pray that You would bless everything I do.  Help me to see everything you would have me accomplish and enable me to do it to the best of the abilities you bestowed upon me.  Bless me with a great attitude, help me to have a clear sense of Your purpose in my life as I do my chores, to have a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that I want to do what pleases you.  Amen.

“We just have to put together a clean game.  When we do that we usually do well.”  ~  Todd Pridy

Remember the Rules.

I shall not get organized at the cost of my family’s budget or losing my sanity!

This is the week we’ve been dreading. There’s no way to make your space special if it isn’t clean.

If you can, open the windows to let the stale air out and let the sweet air in.

Turn on your favorite music.

Gather together all your cleaning supplies, so you won’t have to keep leaving the room for something forgotten.

Gather up rugs, slip covers, throws, curtains ~ anything in the room that needs to be washed.  Get a load of laundry going.  If you can, hang them out in the sunshine to dry.

Start your cleaning at the top and move down dusting and cleaning.  If you can, open the windows and let the sweet air in!

Overhead light fixtures             Ceiling Fans                                      Corners                                                  Beams              Drapery Rods

Window Frames                          Cornices                                              Door Frames                                       Walls                Light Switches

Bookcases                                     Shelving                                               Furniture                                             Lamps             Baseboards

Vacuum Furniture, if necessary                                                             Sweep and Mop Floors, if necessary                   Vacuum, if necessary Vacuum Furniture

Finish the room’s laundry and put away/re-hang.

I know how proud you feel right now!  The smell of clean in the air.  Express to the group how you feel about what you have accomplished.


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