The God I Know…

Rough Day

As my journey with Him grows deeper He’s touched me in new and deeper ways.  In the past, I  have been afraid to proclaim myself as a Christian.

Whoa, you might be saying right now, how wrong is that!  I want you to stop and listen to why that is.

The proclaimed Christians around me were pretty uptight people.  They marched around on their high horses spilling judgements on everyone and everything in the name of the Lord. When they could use what God said in His Word to hurt you they could cut you as sharp as knife. They never seemed to be very happy people, usually scowling, very rarely smiliing.  They seemed to be the ones that did most of the complaining about people and life, stirring up the most trouble around them.

The more I read His Word and walked closer with Him, the more confused I became.

How could they be that way?  With all the love that God showers us with how could they be unhappy?  With God being the judge of all, how could they be judging everyone and everything?

I sure didn’t want to be perceived that way!  That is not the God I know!

The God I know is loving!

 The God I know forgives us of our sins, washing us clean with the blood of His Son!

The God I know opens your heart more and more filling it with more of Him!

The God I know leads me on the straight and narrow, helping me to follow His way!

The God I know opens my heart to share Him with everyone!

 The God I know makes me smile all the time because I’m filled with His love for me!

The God I know calls me to praise Him in everything!

The God I know makes my heart ache for those who don’t know Him!

The God I know leads me to reach out to help others in any way that I can in love!

The God I know makes me want to scream my love for Him from the rooftops for all to hear!

Today Quiet Time led me to:  Hebrews 3:15    “But never forget the warning:  ‘Today you must listen to His voice.  Don’t harden your hearts against Him as Israel did when they rebelled [Eph 4:22]”  18 – 19  “And to whom was God speaking when He vowed that they would never enter His place of rest?  He was speaking to those who disobeyed him.  So we see that they were not allowed to enter His rest because of their unbelief.”

The Christians I have been around in the past have hardened their hearts!  They are not obeying Him!  They are talking the walk rather than walking the walk!

How much this grieves my heart!  To know that at one time they loved Him and then they turned away from His loving arms!

As they ridicule my love for Him I feel such sorrow for them…

I pray for them. I pray that hearing and seeing where His Love is taking me they will turn back to Him!

For when Jesus returns and they are left behind there will be so much confusion for them…. so much pain…so many trials to overcome.

I pray ….


5 thoughts on “The God I Know…

  1. thank you for sharing this with us all…God is touching your heart in so many ways, and I am truly blessed to be able to call you Sister in Christ, and my friend. ❤

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