Office Space Challenge Week # 2

images (1)Lord, thank you for gifts of provision that you have so generously bestowed on me.  May I show appreciation for them always remembering that they come from You. May I not be attached to the things of this world but to follow Paul, when he said “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are of the earth.”  (Colossians 3:2)  Amen.         “And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” ~ Hebrews 11:6
Remember the Rules.     I shall not get organized at the cost of my family’s budget or losing my sanity!


Review all you dreamed about your office space notes.  By reviewing them you’ll stay on track with your vision for your space.  It will keep you from getting off track this week.  This will be the most time-consuming week.  I’m sure that you have papers that you have accumulated and thought you would take care of later.  Guess what?  Later is here!  There will be thoughts and feelings attached to many of these papers.  Be bold, make choices without hesitation.  Don’t put this off any longer!

This week get at least four boxes (more if you think you need them) and label them:

“I Use”                 This box is for things that you actually use but you want to put in a different place.

“I Move”   This box is for things that should not be in your space.  Things that should have a home in other rooms.

“I Share”  This box is for things that are in good condition and you know you won’t use them.  You don’t want to throw them in the trash so donate them to a church, childcare center, scout troop or other organization that uses crafting supplies.  You’ll be giving back to the community and giving yourself more room in your space.

“Useless”  This box is for things that are no use to anyone and are ready to be discarded.  Be honest with yourself.  Clutter breeds more clutter!

“I File”

Take an inventory of your office supplies and tools.  Think about how often you really “use” each item.  Do you really need all the pens, pencils, markers, highlighters?  Streamline, Ladies!   Touch each item once, only once.  Add to one of the five boxes.

✞As you add items to the “I Use” box, take notes about where the item is stored, where it would be more convenient for you to have it for use.

✞As you add items to the “I Move” box remember that every item has a space, just not in this one.

✞As you add items to the “I Share” box, remember you are giving a gift to another.

✞As you add items to the “Useless” box, be ruthless.  Each item in our lives takes a space.  By giving up things that are useless you creating space for the things you really love.

✞As you add items to the “I File” box, keep a list of what important papers you need to keep.  A list can be found in the file section of the Gift of the Home.

Remember that organization is all about ease of use.  It doesn’t matter how “pretty” something is if it’s not a natural space for an item. When you are done taking an inventory of your items do the following:

✞Keep the “I Use” box in the room. These items will be put in their own space. Take the “I Move” box out of the room.  Put every item in it where it will be used most.  Don’t put it off, it just may not get done.

✞Take the “I Share” box and put it somewhere where you will remember to take it to your chosen donation site.  Schedule a day to take it, don’t just let it sit there, remember to share blessings within with others.

✞Take the “Useless” box to the trash.  Not just in a corner, or in the garage, to the trash.

✞Take the “I File” box and it’s time to file.  Really think about how you want to create a file system.  Do you want to use file folders?  Binders?  Scan them to your computer.  This is the time to create a system that works for you and your family.

Express to the group your thoughts and feelings about releasing items that are no longer in your life.

I hope that by completing this week you will feel lighter, more open and more humble as you have seen all that God has blessed you with.

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