Office Space Challenge Week 1

   Choose to Open Yourself to New Ways

Lord, Thank you for creation itself and the incredible gifts and talents you so generously entrust to me. May I appreciate and develop these talents, always recognizing that they come from you and remain yours…  Guide me in using them for the benefit of everyone that I touch, so that they may be more aware of your creative presence and develop the creativity entrusted to them for the good of others. Help me also to use your talents to bring a creative spark and new possibilities to your world, living out my call to be an integral part of your creative force. Amen.

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” Matthew 7:24

This Challenge will be a team effort!  It’s time to get the family on board!  Do the best you can, ladies!  This is a space that will be used by the family, not just you so it’s important you that you make this fun for all of you.

  •  Choose your Room/Space.
    • Every home needs an office room /space, it’s a place where the actual running of the home occurs. 
    • If you don’t have a separate room for an office, consider sectioning off a part of a room for this purpose. You could use bookshelves, dressers that could double as a divider between your work station and the room.  Try and choose a location that can serve as a permanent workspace.  It doesn’t do any good to use the kitchen table and then have to move everything just to have dinner.
  • Once you’ve chosen your space, I’m sure you want to rush right in ~ moving, decorating, trying to make it look pretty ~ we all have that tendency.  But don’t!  This is where it becomes a little tricky…who uses this space?  Is it you alone?  Your Husband?   Your children? Now’s the time to spend some time in the space and find out what the needs for this space are.
    • Remember the actual purpose of the office space ~ It is meant to be a place where you and your family can be productive and feel good when you come into it and leave it.
    • Express what everyone’s desires for this space are, how you want to feel, what you want to achieve with this space.
    • Write down what comes to each of you, what you envision your space to be, what bothers you, dream a little. Do you need to devise a plan for papers that come in?  Do you need to come up with a system for filing?  Do you want to paint?  Do you need a table with a different height?  Is the chair comfortable?  Do you need shelving? How is the lighting?  Where are the electrical outlets?
  • Now look through your office supplies (no organizing, just look!).
    • Think about your supplies and how you use them.  Which ones do you use together?  Are they in a place that is easily accessible to your needs?
    • Determine what office supplies you may need to make this space work.  Make a list so you’ll have it handy.
  • Now let’s let our imagination take control ~ you have written down all you need and want in your space.
    • Sketch out your dream space.  You may not be able to draw, I can’t, but you know what you are looking for to make this space your own. Don’t make “rules” for your furniture and storage containers, be open to new possibilities, and see things with new eyes.

Let the group in on what your family is dreaming.  Tell them what you are lacking.  What you need help with.  The purpose is to use what you have, to let other’s help you see things in new and interesting ways.


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