He is Coming Back!

I used to be afraid of Jesus’ return.  Not that I wasn’t going to walk in the clouds with Him but that I would be alone without my family. I wanted to rejoice with them to know that we were good and faithful servants to Him.

My heart aches for those who will have to go through the tribulation.

I don’t feel that way anymore ~ I know I will be hand and hand with those who are my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I long for that day…the day of His return!

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4 thoughts on “He is Coming Back!

  1. I am so looking forward to seeing my Lord and Savior. But for those who will be left behind during the tribulation it is going to be hard, often times I wonder why do people not think that this world is coming to an end? The only thing we can do is pray and witness to as many people as we can. I am reminded of John 3:17 and I know many will come into the Kingdom of God and I also know many will not.

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