Thank You


The words have not come as usual the past couple of days.  My emotions up and down as I tried to gain control again…praying, praising Him.  I needed something but I didn’t know what.  I was becoming discouraged, feeling unworthy of leading this group of astounding women, feeling I didn’t have the fire they did, feeling as if I wasn’t the one.

Then someone who I care so very deeply for presented me with the most amazing gift last night.  She saw in me what I was lacking, she in me my deep need for more.

Though I’ve given my life to Jesus Christ, and I want to live for Him and only Him.  There still seemed to be something I couldn’t put my finger on…something missing.

Someone who I care very deeply for, gave me the most amazing gift last night. Though I’ve given my life to Jesus Christ,  there was still something missing. This person saw in me what was lacking and praying for.
She prayed for me so that I may fully accept the Holy Spirit into my heart and my life.  The sense of peace I felt was amazing!  I went to bed and slept peacefully for the first time in months.  I awoke refreshed and ready to walk with Him.  Ready to give everything I have to Him!
I want to thank her for the beautiful amazing gift she has given me! Thank you, so much, KD, seeing in me what I was lacking and giving me the power to walk more like Jesus everyday. I love you! ♡♡♡ (CF, I now truly understand and feel your fire for Him!

4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Ya know, the devil doesn’t pester people who aren’t making a difference. If you are under attack, you must be doing something that threatens his little world. Keep looking to Jesus, and pointing others to Him. That ol’ devil’s just mad cuz you aren’t as miserable as he is.

    Much love

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