We are back from our “mini-honeymoon”.  It was difficult leaving the beach and the salt air yesterday, very difficult.

There was no internet at the cottage so I only had my phone to keep up (not even a smart phone at that).  We needed the time away from everything.  We needed to clear our minds and start fresh.

I’ve been keeping some things secret.  Not a good thing, I know, but it has been something Hubs and I have been dealing with for a few months now.  Only a few of my closest friends know.  I have not put it out there for prayers on our behalf (though my close friend prays as no other!  she prayed!) with the group.

God led Hubs into an excellent job in San Antonio.  That’s why we married so quickly and moved so fast.  He accepted a position where he had a contract.  The contract including that the company train him and he would go to school at a certain time to certify.  The company did not honor the contract, plain and simple.  Hubs has gone round and round regarding the training for his position since day one, with always the same outcome – “soon”, “we’re working on it”, etc.  The deadline is fast approaching for school it was do or die time.

We find out that his supervisors are on the line.  They haven’t been training, they haven’t been doing this vital part of their jobs.  Men have gone to the school and failed, losing their jobs.  Many have told the supervisors that they aren’t ready, they haven’t had the training needed to succeed.  His supervisors don’t want to send anyone to school who isn’t ready because of this.  Hubs is not ready.

Hubs has been so discouraged, feeling like he failed.  We have prayed so much about this.  We have talked the situation to death.  But the one thing we have prayed and done is leave it up to God’s will.  We pray that God will give him the words during meetings and discussions.  We pray that God will guide us.

His supervisors offered another position, one that would have him working in San Antonio rather than the field, he will  be home every day.  Sounds wonderful!  Yet the cut in pay is horrible, there is no room for advancement.  We discuss it and we pray about it.  Both of us feel God is saying “no” to this offer.  Our hearts aren’t comfortable with the offer.  Bible Study and prayer keep leading Hubs to say no.

I’m petrified!  If Hubs says no, maybe they’ll let him go!  Yet, I’m leaving it up to God.

Hubs has another meeting.  He tells his supervisors he won’t take that position.  He tells them that there is no room for advancement.  He tells them that he will not accept a cut in pay.  He explains to them his feelings… he was hired for a job, he was to be trained for a job, he asked to be trained; yet the failure is on them.  They say they will figure something out.  We pray and we leave it to God.

The end of last week, we are in the office and we are called in by one of his supervisors. He has another position, a position that is better suited to Hubs strengths.  It may be a small cut in pay but it was within what we needed.  Hubs and I stepped outside to pray and talk.  We both feel good about this offer.  He accepts.

We thank God for His blessing upon on us once again.

Since his new position doesn’t start until Sunday, we decide to take our “mini-honeymoon”.  A time for reflection, a time for prayer, a time to release all the frusations, a time to re-group.  We spend time walking the beach, holding hands and talking.  We spend time fishing, laughing and enjoying each other.  We spend time alone in reflection, in prayer, in gratitude.

Today Hubs had to take his computer in for some updates.  His supervisor calls him into his office, he’s made an error, the salary is lower but he’s now entitiled to bonuses.  As we sit down and work out these new particulars, we find that, in fact, it won’t really be a cut, it may even be a bit more.   I’m so glad that we didn’t try to control the situation ~ not that it would have mattered.  I’m glad that we gave our concerns to Our Father.  Everyday our faith grows in God.  Everyday we are learning more and more about God and His ways.  Everyday we are following His guidance (and it’s become easier!).

God puts us through trials, it’s like I’ve told my sons “it’s not all butterflies and rainbows following God”.  We fear because no one likes unknowns.  We fear because we all have a need to know.  We fear because we are afraid we will fail.  Yet, through it all, God is with us.  If we just “let go and let God” things go the way that they are supposed to.  Answers to prayers may not be what we expect, they may bring us to the pits, but in the end they will bring us up.  God knows, He knows all.

My only regret through all of this…is that I didn’t share my fears.  I didn’t let others pray for us.  I was acting proud.  I was acting as if my life is all good.  This hurts my heart.  I didn’t even realize it until right now.  Had I shared, had I asked for prayer… it would have been freely given.  The prayers would have had more power than just Hubs and I on our own.  The prayers would have lifted me up out of the fears.  Another lesson I must learn!

Father, There are never any words for me to express how amazing You are!  You lead me as no other.  May always remember…prayer changes everything!  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.



6 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Praying all the knots will be untangled and you and your husband will find God’s will in employment. I can relate, lol. My husband is in a job that undercut his pay, with a manager that lets the inmates run the asylum. Not a fun place to be. But for now, it’s where God has us, and until He says “go”, here we are. In the meantime, we pray for strength and peace, and that we will hear clearly the Word of the Lord in His time, and not grow impatient in the wait.

    Blessings, Donna!
    ❤ Lyn

    • Thank you, Lyn, for the prayers! Life takes us to places that we never dream of. Good comes along with the bad. God had taught me much during this time…patience, faith, letting go. Everything He gives us comes with a lesson to learn.

  2. This is really good for me, I have also had a hard time asking for prayer, half if it is because I am also a proud person, & the other half is because I felt selfish. I felt like I had no right to ask for prayer for certain things I felt were so small when there were so many people who.needed prayer for much more important things. Until my preacher made one comment that changed everything! “You have not, because you ask not” James 4:2 I’ve always had a hard time asking for help of any kind, before & after becoming a woman of God, but I now look at things differently & have prayed & asked God to remove that from my spirit & as usual He has succeeded! I still have trouble with it from time to time, but I’ve definitely gotten better! & I’ll pray the same happens for you! 🙂

    • Mandy, I’ve always had a difficult time asking for anything. Each day though, God pulls me closer to Him and closer to people (like you) who help me walk the way He planned. I’ve learned from this, it’s okay to ask for help, not just from our loving Father but from everyone. 🙂

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