Yesterday I posted about my eldest son, how he was heavy on my heart.  Our children are always heavy on our hearts, after all, they are our children!  We want what’s best for the them, we don’t want to see them struggle, we don’t want to see them in pain.  I feel guilty for my sins, for not walking with God the way that I should have when they were young.  I have talked to them about God and how amazing walking His path is.  I know that in time, they will come to Him as I have.

Things don’t work out the way that you plan.  The prayers that you pray don’t always come to pass in the way you think they will.  Yet through it all our God is amazing!

My youngest son knows that I blog, he has shown no interest in what I write.  Understandable!  Yesterday,  for some reason was the day he chose to read my blog.  The day when I pour my heart out to my oldest son.

I’ve known for weeks something was going on with him.  He has been become extremely quiet, not interacting with his step-father and I as he normally does.  This isn’t unusual, he suffers from depression from time-to-time.  So I watch and I pray.

Last night he came to me, “Mom, I want to go to church.  Can we go on Sunday?”  A request to go to church coming from him?

There was no way that I could just stay silent.  I asked him, “Why?  You have never seemed to enjoy church in the past.  Why the change?”

My heart was in my throat waiting for his response, butterflies thumping around in my stomach, thoughts coming so rapidly I couldn’t focus.

The answer was…his quietness the past few weeks was reflection.  On where he was in his life.  How things weren’t where they should be.  Of the struggle of everyday.  Of the needing more.  Of seeing the changes in me as God has worked in me. He had been praying, praying for answers, praying for guidance.

God answered his prayers, yesterday.  God led him to understanding.

My youngest son is ready!  Ready to give his life up for something better!  Ready to follow God in all His ways!  Ready to have his sins forgiven and become a new person in Christ!

My heart leapt with joy!  My youngest son has come to God!  We talked and we prayed.  He has asked God to take control.  He has put all his troubles at the foot of the cross.

I thank God every day for the blessings He brings into my life…not just the good.  All He brings is for growing in Him.  I thank God for being who He is, in all things!









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