“I’ve posted this conflict tip before, but I’m just feeling like there’s someone who needs this reminder tonight: what comes out of someone else’s mouth is a reflection of their heart … not yours.”  ~ Lysa TerKeurst
     This post has been shared 2,725 times (probably more since this writing) since Lysa TerKeurst posted it last night!  It has been shared on timelines, it has been shared in groups, it has been shared in private messages, it has been written about, it has been thought about. Our mouths are amazing things!  The words we utter speak volumes about us as a person.  This post isn’t just about “someone else’s mouth” but our own.
     There are at least 155 verses in the Bible speaking about the power of our words.  God has many things to say about the power of our words.  Words have the power to build others up or to the power to tear others down.  Words have the power to condemn or the power to forgive.
      Have you ever noticed the words you speak when you aren’t feeling all that close to God?  When you haven’t begun your day in quiet time with Him?   When you turn your face away from Him and allow the outside world to become more important?  When you aren’t talking with Him?  When you aren’t praising Him?
     Your mind is not in the game with God.  Your mind is not filled with His love, His words, His promises.
      Even before this post came on Facebook, I was becoming more aware of how my life with God affected the words I spoke.  I will admit there are some days that the last thing I want to do when I wake up is spend time with Him.  I think about all the to-do’s that I have to complete and I say “I’ll do it later.”  More often than not, later doesn’t come.  The world comes in.  Those days are not my best days.  Those are the days that everything irritates me.  Those are the days that my words are like a sword, slashing out at everyone near me.  Those are the days  where I see the negative in life, not the good.  Those are the days that I don’t accomplish much of anything.
     There is a reason why God asks us to come to Him first every day!  We can trust that by coming to Him first He will renew our spirits, our souls and our minds daily.  We can  trust that by coming to Him first, He will fill us with His love, His power.  Being renewed is a promise from God.  I don’t have to work to make it happen, I just need to come to Him.
      The more I come to Him, the more I want Him.  The more I come to Him, the more I want to do His will in my life.  The more I come to Him, the more I feel at peace.  The more I come to Him, the more I lift others up.
“May the Lord bring you into an ever deeper understanding of the love of God and the endurance that comes from Christ.” Thessalonians 3:5

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