Just Shut Up

Shut UpQuiet Time.  My favorite time of the day.  Though I “speak” to God all day long, it’s in this quiet time of day that I love! I try to do my quiet time first thing, before the cares of the world invade my space.  More often than not, it’s on the back porch where I can watch the sun come up, hear the birds and squirrels waking up, even sometimes the sea lions at Sea World calling for their breakfast.  It’s a time of feeling, hearing and seeing God’s goodness, of all He has blessed us with.

Yet, even though I feel I have learned more about God and His ways, when my quiet time is done and I go about my day, I lose the feeling of oneness with HIm.  It’s not a conscious decision but it happens.

Quiet time today led me to this “We have to keep our mouths shut and our spirit alert.” (August 1 devotional from My Utmost, for His Highest ~ Oswald Chambers)

This sentence brought me to pondering how often my mouth goes before I allow God to speak.  The times that I’m irritated, the times I’m angry, the times that I’m judgmental.  It happens more than I care to admit, that’s for sure.

Our minds are constantly filled with “I” instead of being filled with God and His following the plan He has for our lives.  We rush into our days with all  the “I have to”,   “I should”, “I must” rattling around in our minds.   We have pre-conceived ideas and thoughts about everything and anything, big and small.  Our mouths tend to just run like a faucet, not taking into account God’s words to us.  Our mouths have the power to destroy or to lift up and encourage others.  Yet, we don’t think that with each word that comes from out mouth.  We just blurt out what seems important to us at the time.

I also happen to think, that we tend to watch our mouths less when we are around the people we love.  They are so close to us, yet we rarely think of up-lifting and encouraging words to say.  We forget that they too are made by Him.  We look at their faults, instead of the goodness God has created.

This sentence is telling me that God will speak through me, if I let Him.  I must allow myself to present in the moment. I must slow down,take the time to hear what He has to say. I must allow Him to speak.

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