I awoke to a question in the group today that I wanted to share with you.

“I’m just curious. How old is everyone and, if you are a born-again Christian, when did you accept Christ as your savior?”

When I saw that I felt like such a newbie!  I know I am.  I know my walk will never be over but I feel that I’m still so new, so green to the whole born-again thing.

My parents were not in anyway shape or form religious.    I was baptized Catholic as an infant because “that’s what you do”.  We went to church on occasion.  I even remember times when the four of us were dropped off for bible school while my mom went home.

But I do always remember that I was “searching”.  Searching for something that would make me feel whole.  Searching for something that I felt apart of.

I did a lot of reading about all many different faiths as I was growing up.  Yet nothing seemed to touch me.

I’ve been to many different churches, many of the services were too “preachy”, the sermons not what I knew God was about.  The people not open to new-comers.

Then in 1997 during a year of hurt and pain, I picked up my bible and read the book of John.  God’s words touched me like they never had before.  My heart opened and I felt God’s loving arms around me.  I threw away anything  that was not of Him.

I began attending church faithfully.  I attended prayer groups  where no one spoke to me.  Classes where no one spoke to me.  Basically I had been snubbed.  I loved this church.  I loved the pastor.  I loved the teaching.  What I didn’t like was being snubbed.  I spoke to one of my friends who attended and he had noticed the same things happening to the “newer” people in the church.

So we worked together and submitted a mentoring program to the Pastor.  We worked hard to explain what we were seeing within the church unit.  How the church could help build up new Christians in their walk.  We waited and waited for a response.

What we received from the assistant pastor was “We don’t have time for this.”  Imagine our surprise!  Needless to say, that though we loved the church, this wasn’t the church for us if they couldn’t help build people up – we left the church.

I was disillusioned for a long time.  I still read God’s Word and prayed but I stayed away from church.  I didn’t want to feel snubbed and unwanted again.

I just didn’t always walk the walk.  There were things going on in my life that made it hard to believe He was with me.  Hard to see that God was looking out for me.  Hard to see that God listened to my prayers.

I didn’t really begin to walk the path until 2011. My life had just completly gone out of whack.  I began to pray as only those who have already fallen can pray.  I gave all my hopes and fears to Him.  I laid it all down at the foot of the cross.  I let it go.  I gave it to Him.

If you’ve read any of previous posts, you know when I saw God working in my life.  Not in a quite, subtle way, but a big BANG way!

A sense of peace, a sense of purpose began to fill my days.  Things that I needed just magically began to appear without much effort on my part.  My fears became hope for a new life.

Now when I look back, I see that He was with me every moment of every day, just not in the way that I expected.  What a wonderful God we have!

So now I ask you “I’m just curious. How old is everyone and, if you are a born-again Christian, when did you accept Christ as your savior?”

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2 thoughts on “When?

  1. I made my first of many professions of faith at the age of three or four. I was baptized when I was 7yo. I had a tender heart toward God, and wanted to follow Him, but often found myself in the same company with the Apostle Paul, doing the things I didn’t want to do, and neglecting the things I knew I should be doing.

    I was raised in a Christian home, and was taught to love and obey the Lord Jesus. My Dad was an ordained pastor in the Church of Christ, and we lived on an Indian mission when I was a young girl, and taught native American kids about Jesus. We raised our kids the best we knew how to, with the knowledge that we had.

    We are recent converts to the Catholic Church, as a result of much prayer and seeking God’s will for our lives. Never would have seen that coming when we first started out our married life together, lol…but we love it and are experiencing spiritual growth like never before. We were confirmed and received into the Catholic Church in 2010.

    I joined your group, but haven’t been free to really jump in there yet, still pulling back a little bit to try to listen to God’s voice. I’m not ignoring you all, lol…just lurking, and praying.


  2. Lyn, if you only knew the ways in which you encourage and build me up!

    Don’t we all act like Paul each and every day? We are not perfect nor does He expect us to be. It’s when we turn away from Him to follow this world and we turn our face away because we are ashamed that the problems begin. I truly believe that when we confess our shortcomings to Our Heavenly Father on a daily basis that He holds us even closer because we choose to return to him.

    I’m so pleased that you have joined our little group! I’m pleased with what God has done in such a short time. I pray that I am doing His will. Lurk away, My Friend, lurk away!


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