Virtual Ladies Retreat – You’re Invited

Isn’t it amazing how God puts people into your life when you are ready? I just moaning and groaning to Hubs that I feel so alienated from people and here God puts Lyn in my path! I’m truly excited about this Ladies Retreat! As a matter of fact, I’ve already put this on my calender! Thank you God and Lyn!

New Things

I need a retreat.

A full-blown, unplugged, leave the  house and all its stress and mess, meet with my sisters in Christ, take in God’s word for an entire weekend, pray, discern, laugh, and cry…ladies retreat.

But who can afford one anymore?  Retreats are for wealthy Christians.  What working class Christian can afford to flush $5oo into two quickly forgotten days?  Besides, I don’t know anyone here, really….even if I had that kind of money, I’m not sure I’d pay it to cry in front of strangers.

We live an hour away from our church family, and circumstances being what they are at this point, have been unable to connect in person with our parish congregation.  Truth is, I’ve been far away from people I know and love “in real life” for going on three years now, I have become accustomed to relying on social media for keeping in touch…

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One thought on “Virtual Ladies Retreat – You’re Invited

  1. Wow! That was fast, woohooo! I’m excited about this too, thanks for the advertising 🙂 Looking forward to some good old fashioned fellowship…I’m thinking I should have made it a potluck (teehee).

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