I’ve had the most amazing two weeks with my little love… the most amazing week with my her daddy.  The time just went by so very fast even though we prayed the days would go slowly.  We made the most of this time together because it’s all we get.

It was difficult waking this morning without a sleepy little body next to me.  There was no sound except the fan turning lazily in the quiet morning.  There was no little voice asking for her waffles.  There was no plan for the day.

As much as I love my life, being apart from them still causes me pain.  I talk to my son everyday but it doesn’t ease the heartache.  I talk to my little one every time she’s with Daddy but it’s never enough.

I wish things could be different.  I wish that we could live close to each other like we used to.  I wish that I could be there for the everyday parts of life.  I wish I could be with them through all the good.  I wish that I could be there through the rough patches.  I wish that they were here.


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