Sins of the Past

As you know, I do my Bible study and prayer first thing…I don’t want the world invading on me before I find my center for the day. In the past I was praying like a child but lately, the Word has become deeper for me. My prayers asking, questioning.

Today the Lord filled me with much. Much to think about, much to absorb, and much to follow.

There has been a lot of praying going on in my world…a lot of asking for direction, a lot of asking the veil to be lifted.  Today was the day.

I have, more times than I can count, confessed my sins of the past.  There have been times I have felt at peace but more often than not, the shame and guilt overcome.  This shame and guilt have been causing more problems in my world…anxiety attacks.

Today I was “told” that I have confessed my sins.  God has forgiven me.  He wants me to forgive myself and move on.  Today I am free to walk with Him in faith.

The problem has been with myself…I have been holding onto my sins.  There is a program on Facebook “God wants you to know”, yes, I know it’s a silly thing but it seems that each one tells me something I do need to know that day. Today my message was…

“God wants you to know…it is time to finally forgive yourself.  You’ve carried the guilt, the same for long enough.  You’ve kept your wounds open for long enough.  The time has come to let go, to heal.  Keep the lessons and let the pain heal.  Yes, you know what we are talking about.”

I understand now, that the closer that you walk with God the more likely the evil one will attack.  That’s what my anxiety attacks are all about.  Knowing this I can walk forward in faith.

God has forgiven me, now I must forgive myself instead of leaving a door open for the evil one.

What are you not forgiving yourself for?  Isn’t it time?  Our God is awesome!

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2 thoughts on “Sins of the Past

  1. I am Thankful each day that I’ve come to know you! I can’t believe I was reading your blog one day and “met” you in an online group another day. Since then, I’ve looked forward to our chats. And every day, I pray for you! Thank you for our friendship!

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