In God’s Hands

download (14)I know it’s been a while…but I needed to think to let the feelings flow through me about the door.  I needed to pray, I needed to think, I needed to do the pros and cons of the situation.  I think I understand the reason why he didn’t take the plea though I know he will at the very last minute..  How do I know?  My heart tells me so.

What have I come up?  What has God led me to do?

As I go through all the thinking it occurred to me…I can shut the door at any time.  I have the power and the control.  It’s not in his hands it’s in mine.  He hasn’t had control over me since that night.  I just haven’t felt that.  It was ingrained in me that he has the control I didn’t see what God was trying to show me.  So I have decided that going back to play his game isn’t in my best interests.  My life is here not there.  I just know in my heart that he’ll take the plea at the last minute… he’s not that dumb.  So I don’t personally see the point of going back for nothing.

The door has been closing since that night.  It just wasn’t shutting because I wasn’t allowing it to.  It was me keeping that door open.

I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s all in God’s hands.  I had to leave it to God.  Hard to do when “control” is a huge issue for me.  Each day I lay it down and each day it becomes easier.

God had a hand in all of it so I will allow God to do as He thinks is right.  It’s not my place to judge…. It’s God’s.

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