Wide Open

download (15)The door I had hoped to close and lock just swung wide open.  My emotions are all over the place… fear, amazement, why, disbelief, rage.  My head is throbbing, swirling with it all.  I can’t seem to settle myself down… I want to scream.  I want to throw something.  I want to call and ask “why”.

But none of that would change things…It would feed into my rage, my anger.  It will upset me so much more to give into the emotions I’m feeling.

I’ve had this door open for far too long.

Father, I release this situation to You.  I know that my anger, amazement, why, disbelief, rage and anger do not serve You.  May I be used by You.  I ask only that Your will be done in this situation.  I have done what You have had me do…now I place the outcome in Your hands.   Help me to let these emotions go.  Help me to walk in truth.


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