Babbling Thoughts

 I love when I have “aha” moments (just like Oprah!).  Last night I found myself looking for a book to read…I was tired of Facebook and pinterest.  I went to my bookshelf and picked the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  Now I’ve read/studied this book a few years ago and I’m not sure why I picked this particular book off the shelf but I do know after reading it a bit last night this is the book I’m supposed to be reading.

Now we all know that my words for 2013 is Faith and Present, and that I’ve been working hard to put them into practice in my life.  Within the first six pages of the book I was gaining more understanding than I had previously.  Maybe because I’m more open to myself and the world around me.

“your mind is making too much noise.”  Oh wow, is it ever!  Without the distractions of having a job my mind just never shuts up!  It runs through the past, it looks to the future.  It’s a constant babble of nonsense that I end up feeding into.  My thoughts are what make my days confusing and depressing.

“for unless you learn to recognize the false as false – as not you- there can be no lasting transformation and you would always end up being drawn to the illusion and into some form of pain.”  That’s what my thought process as been doing to me…making me feel as if I don’t deserve the blessings God has given me, that I have to work hard, be perfect in all ways to keep them.  I’ve been taking my past and replaying onto the future.  I’ve been worrying.  I’ve been letting the “little annoyances of life” turn me into an emotional roller coaster.

Tolle informed me (not in his own words) that God has put everything I need to achieve joy,  peace, pleasure, fulfillment, validation, security, love within me.  I don’t need to look to the outside world to achieve any of this!  When I feel separate, unloved, unworthy, defeated, not perfect the fear sets in, conflict grows within me, I’m not at peace with others and beginning to doubt myself and my blessings. The devil is trying to separate me from God.  The devil is trying to separate me from those around me.

When I begin to believe the babbling thoughts in my head and accept them for truth, they come between the true me and those around me, they come between God and myself.  My babbling thoughts are like a disease because my thoughts are out of balance with what really is.

When I can’t control my thoughts my mind is using me.  Okay, that’s kind of hard for me to believe when we are kind of one in the same.  But if I look at it as I’m allowing the devil to control my mind, it begins to make sense.  I have a choice…to listen to the thoughts that truly matter – love, beauty, joy, inner peace (God) – or allow the thoughts of past mistakes, pain, and fear (the devil) to take the reins.  The choice is mine!

I’ve noticed that the thoughts I have are never really relevant to the situation I find myself in.  Thoughts  of things going wrong, negative outcomes but there has been no reality to back any of those thoughts up.  Yet, I feed on those thoughts, listening, allowing them to overtake me until I’m an emotional wreck.  Hubs can tell me how much he loves every second of every day but if the thoughts are babbling away his words mean absolutely nothing.  If life is good, if there is love surrounding me, I don’t see it because my babbling thoughts have overtaken me.

Tolle says when you listen to a thought, just listen to impartially, that it will lose power of you if you just listen and let it go.  It’s when you feed into the thoughts that problems arise.  You can’t get rid of thoughts but you can focus on the Now (present).  By focusing on the present, you don’t have to go back or look forward you can just be.  By practicing this you can become more present.

Now, how I see this is that when I’m in the present, the now, I can put my focus on what’s actually happening.  I don’t have to listen to the past, it’s over and done, can’t change it so why should I worry about it?  I don’t have to see into the future, it’s not something I can control no matter how much I try.  In the present, I can release the past and start fresh in love.  In the present, I can live my life in joy, peace and love which will bring those same things to my future.

I guess, you know where we are going with this…we are going into the now, the present, slowly, surely, day by day.

2 thoughts on “Babbling Thoughts

  1. I think your brain and my brain are related and communicate without us knowing! jk but your brain sounds exactly like mine! That goes to show that the enemy is trying to get to us in everyway, his biggest line of attack on me is also my mind and how easily I can be persuaded into thinking that nothing is going right, when everything is clearly just fine. I don’t see a date on this post but I started at the recent ones and worked my way back so I’m pretty sure it’s pretty old, anyway, I was wondering if I might be able to borrow this book you are referencing in the post? I’m a big reader, and I’ve seen you talk about books quit a bit here on your blog and on FB maybe you have some others that I can borrow 🙂 Going to sleep now, it’s 2:45 and I’ve been reading your blog now for about 4 hours… night & blessings

  2. I hear tht alot about my brain and others. Unfortunately, I won’t share the book I was referencing here. Read the next post to know why. BUT you are welcome to check out any of my other books! 🙂 Night and have peaceful dreams!

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