Just Life

download (4)It’s been a busy week….thus the reason I haven’t blogged.  Hubs came home from the hitch early sick (sinus infection) so he’s been home the past week.  As much as I love to have him near me, it sure does throw off my schedules and plans!  Then there was Christmas shopping, wrapping, cards, and mailing.

I set my schedules around Hub’s schedule, he’s gone 6 days and home for 3. When my schedule gets off kilter so do I.  I have to admit that this time I have been better about not getting freaky about it (thank you, Father!)… doing the minimum so that I can spend my time taking care of him and just being with him.  So what if the house needs a good cleaning? i got to spend time with Hubs and help him get well for the next hitch.

Today is the day the next hitch begins which means staying really quiet for most of the day while he’s sleeping, packing him up and getting him to work.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is.  By staying quiet it means that showering and getting ready for the day are later than my schedule (setting me off).  By packing him up means taking everything out of the bag and repacking for this hitch, checking and double checking he has everything and then some.  Getting him to work means that my heart breaks because our time together is over.  It never gets any easier and I don’t think it ever will!

I’m grateful that I can drive the 2 hours once a week to spend time with him, or watching him sleep really.  That time means so much to us…just being close and catching up. I usually do that in the middle of the hitch ~ it restores us for the next few days.

God has been speaking to me …mostly about my schedules.  Everyday Hubs has been home my study has in some way touched my heart to release my expectations.  It’s like following the laws that you can never quite reach (Old Testament).  I’ve taken His words to heart and just let it be.  You know what?  The house didn’t fall in on itself and life went on.

So what have a learned?  Life is not about rules and schedules.  Sure you need them but they aren’t written in stone and need to be flexible.  If I had spent the time on my schedule Hubs would have felt out of place in his own home (which he already does to some extent).  I wouldn’t have been taking care of him like I should have.

So thank you, Father, for showing me where my energies should lie!

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