Isn’t it a strange and awesome thing when something pops out at you and it was just what you needed!?Yea, that happens quite a lot during my quiet time with the Lord.  You see, every morning, first thing I do my Bible study and pray.  Today the Lord spoke to me once again…Haggai 1 and 2.  As I began my study, I realized that I had never read Haggai, well, okay maybe I had but it hadn’t “spoke” to me.  The jest of the study was priorities ~ what we choose to do or not do really reflects what’s important to you.  Don’t you just love how the Lord just gives you a slap upside your head!?It made me realize that although the Lord had blessed us with so much this past year I wasn’t really taking the time to make him a top priority.  Sure, I do my Bible study and prayer but as for making sure He is the purpose of everything I do, no, honestly, I haven’t been doing that.  Could this be where my discontent comes in?  I’m thinking ~ YES.  I’m putting things that aren’t important ahead of Him.  I’m spending my days cleaning (grudgingly) and on the computer, no wonder I’m discontent!I’m looking at everyone’s life instead of my own….I’m looking for answers through them when the answers are right where I should have looked first…in The Word.  I mean, we know that’s where the answers are but it’s after we fall to our knees do we go look there.  It should be the first place that we look… the first place where we start our goals.  (I’m big on goals by the way.)So the first thing that I did, before I even started my prayers, was to write it down where we all could see it and remember it.  I got a picture frame, put a pretty piece of scrapbook paper in it and wrote Haggai 1:1-5  and 2:15 with a dry erase marker (a little pinterest trick).  I put it right in the kitchen where everyone could see it.  I figure hubs and son may just read it once but every time they go into the kitchen and see that frame something may just click.I’m so grateful that the Lord gives us second (third, fourth, etc.) chances!  Chances to get it right, Chances to grow in Him.  Let’s just remember that, okay?
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